ElectroMenu - Digital Menus made Simple (tm)

Diviasoft provides the Digital Menus System - ElectroMenu. Please call us @ 732-791-2894 for a demo.

ElectroMenu is the only easy to use Digital Menu Board system designed specifically for the Food service and Food Retail industry.
It helps to -

1. Promote Menu items and provide eye catching displays.
2. Upsell by enhancing the item with a ticker or graphic multimedia.
3. Easily change Item pricing as per time of the day or day of the week schedule
4. Cost effective way to promote your Menu

The ElectroMenu Digital Menu Boards help our clients build innovative eye-catching displays and grow their Food business with no downtime. ElectoMenu is powerful and easy to use with tools that are built into the system.
ElectroMenu is the best choice for Digital Menu boards for Small and Medium businesses.
Here is a video made to explain and demo ElectroMenu on YouTube for more information. The video is created by Pinnacle Hospitality Systems based in Florida.
ElectroMenu is made for the following type of stores - ( ElectroMenu Video Demo are linked below )
1. Deli / Food Stores
2. Pizza Stores
Here is a youtube video of ElectroMenu installed in a Pizza Store
Another youtube vidoe of ElectroMenu installed in Famiglia Pizza Store in Newark NJ airport terminal.
3. Grocery Stores
4. Quick Service Restaurants
Here is a YouTube video of ElectroMenu installed in a Restaurant showing the Menu
5. Bagels and Sandwich shop
6. Coffee shop
7. Wine and Liquor Stores
8. Hair and Nail shop
9. Take-out Food stores
10. Dining Restaurants
Diviasoft is trained and can help you design the perfect Digital Menu Board for your business.

Please send an email to set-up a demo of ElectroMenu - Digital Menu Boards for you. Email - sales@diviasoft.com or call us @ 732-791-2894.