Retail and Restaurant POS software

We help independant retailers, food and convenience stores and restaurants to successfully compete with larger national retail chains and deliver better quality of services leveraging technology for business.

Food Stores and Restaurants -

Diviasoft provides POS software for Food / Convenience stores and Restaurant. We also provide Digital Menu Boards which are simple to use and manage.

Retail Store - POS System

Diviasoft provides Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System - Store Operations and Headquarters software

Microsoft Dynamics RMS – Store Operation software is for individual and multiple stores with cash registers.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS – Headquarters (HQ) is for multiple store that needs a consolidated stores management at the corporate level.

Diviasoft Multi-Store Retail business software strategy is shown below for a growing retail chain. For more details and solutions for improving your retail business operations, please talk to our business software specialist.

The key benefits of an integrated Retail multi-store system are

-       Single customer account, billing and purchase history
-      Customer list for target marketing, store sales and advertising
     Customer intelligence - Loyalty marketing / Gift cards / Frequent shopper 

-      Centralized purchasing & cost control
-      Vendor management
-      Control unauthorized Vendor and Items

-      Item maintenance & coordinated price changes
-      Warehouse management system
-      Store level (store to store) and Interstore inventory viewing


-      Sales data consolidation
-      Business intelligence and insight
-      Increase agility and responsiveness

Financials & e-Business
     Integrated with accounting ERP
-      Ability to sell on the web, e-commerce and Mobile commerce
     Increase productivity and sales